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  • To effectively provide quality training and support services in order to contribute to safety and growth of the aviation industry.

  • To become a center of excellence in aviation training in the sub-region and beyond the borders by the year 2030.

  • Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Team Work, Courtesy, Creativity Time Management and dedication torwards work.

The Zambia Air Services Training Institute (ZASTI) is the only fully fledged aviation training institution in Zambia and beyond the borders. It offers a variety of programmes in the aviation sector and related industries. The institution promptly updates its programmes as dedicated by technological trends and changes and also as may be directed by relevant authorities.

Currently Zambia Air Services Training Institute is well positioned to provide specialised training in Aeronatical Electronics Engineering (AEE), Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME), Systems Engineering "R" and "X" (Avionics), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Flying, Aviation Security, Meteorology, Fire Fighting, Computer Systems Engineering and other related programmes.

Through ZASTI's high standards of training and irrefutable reputation, its graduates are more acceptable as some of the best trained and proven performers both locally and internationally. The institute`s operations have evolved over years to have global character that it has. It is a fact that aviation, in any nation contributes significantly to the promotion of economic growth, development and improvement of quality of life and increase in the social interaction of all citizens. The Institute is proud to be able to play a part to this development through various programmes available to the communities.

For the aviation industry to be sustained there is need to have a steady and reliable supply of experts to keep the systems running and meeting the Civil Aviation Authorities requirements. In order to address the above needs the Government of the Republic of Zambia, through the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education commits itself to ensuring that the TEVET System, as provided for in the TEVET Act No. 13 of 1998, provides the necessary training to the expectation of all stakeholders. The established Management Board guides the Institution in its operations so as not to lose track of its mandate to be able to meet the expectations of the various stakeholders.

It is important to note that the architecture has changed; operational procedures and requirements keep changing. All these require of the Institute to be relevant and keep updating its training to meet the new demands and needs.

Billieard C. Shingalili - Principal, Zambia Air Services Training Institute.

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