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Zambia Air Services Training Institute is a fully fledged aviation training institution offering various programmes. Zambia Air Services Training Institute is strategically located near the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, which makes it ideal for practical training. We produce the finest aviation experts in the world, by providing thorough and professional training.

Why study at Zambia Air Services Training Institute?

Zambia Air Services Training Institute is a quasi-government Institution under the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and accredited to Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority. The Institute is a proud TRAINAIR PLUS Associate member of the International Civil Aviation Organization TRAINAIR PLUS programme. The Institute offers competitive programs and its graduates occupy senior and responsible positions in both the aviation and non-aviation industry. Zambia Air Services Training Institute operates with a clear vision of being the center of excellence in aviation training in sub-Sahara. It is in this light, that the institution strives to maintain the necessary training standards as per requirement of the Civil Aviation Authority and Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority.

  • Strategic Location
  • Qualified Staff
  • Core Infrastructure
  • Quality Management
  • FQM Trident Limited Partners with Zambia Air Services Training Institute

    KALUMBILA, ZAMBIA - In its quest to safeguard life and property around its mining operations and in communities neighbouring communities, FQM Trident Limited has partnered with the Zambia Air Service Training Institute (ZASTI) to train 14 Emergency Response Team (ERT) members in aviation firefighting. The training conducted by ZASTI was in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) airport codes database, which are used in airline operations such as flight planning and air traffic control. The 14 ERT members will be part of FQM Trident’s 24-hour emergency fire and rescue team, which was set up by the mining firm in Kalumbila to safeguard people’s lives and protect the growing communities near its operations, as well as the town airport.

    Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the emergency Aviation Fire Fighting trainees, ZASTI Principle, Eng. Brig. Gen. Mathias Kyembe said the graduates had been equipped with the knowledge and skills to undertake rescue and firefighting at the basic level, meeting international standards that were applied during the entire training. He urged the new ERT member to remain professional in their duties and to be prepared to respond to emergencies. “I want to urge you to understand this very clearly that your role as rescue and fire manager, is very critical. When an incident happens you’ll realise how important you are in the whole arrangement,” he said.

    And FQM Trident Limited Assistant General Manager Junior Keyser explained that when the ERT station was opened at Kalumbila Town Development Cooperation (KTDC) offices, there were only two people trained in aviation firefighting, making it difficult to achieve 100 percent preparedness. “We realised the importance of having a team with equipment and the necessary training to protect lives and property. Today, the story is different as we now have a full station of trained and experienced aviation firefighters. “We remain confident that our team will protect the community using the knowledge and skills gained, to reach out, care, and build a sense of fire safety that can make a positive difference in our community,” he said.

    Speaking on behalf of his ERT members, Finniber Kaleya commended the mining firm for giving them an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in aviation firefighting. “With the knowledge, we have acquired from this course, I can boldly say we will effectively provide emergency response, mitigation, evacuation and rescue of passengers as well as the aircrew in case of an emergency,” he said. The station, which will be operated round-the-clock by the ERT team, has been provided with state-of-the-art equipment, including a fire engine, multi-casualty trailer, and utility vehicle, by FQM Trident Limited.

    Among the equipment is also a Rosenbauer Buffalo fire engine, which is designed for airport use, can also be used on other structural fires, and has a 4,000-litre water capacity with a 500-litre in-built foam tank and a 135kg dry chemical powder tank equipped with the latest firefighting equipment, a utility vehicle, and a trailer that can treat up to 30 patients at a time. FQM Trident Limited employs over 6,000 people – predominantly Zambian nationals. The mine’s presence in Kalumbila District, and North-Western Province as a whole, has had a positive impact on the area’s economy with several off-shoot businesses in transportation, agriculture, hospitality, and other services emerging to cater to the needs of the mine, its employees, and subcontractors.

    WorldSkills Trust

    Euphrasia W. Mulenga

    Meet Miss Euphrasia W. Mulenga, the WorldSkills Champions Trust representative for Africa. Euphrasia Mulenga represented Zambia at the international competition in Abu-Dhabi in 2017, and was one of the only two female competitors in aircraft maintenance category at the international stage. In 2019, Euphrasia Mulenga was named as Worldskills - Africa representative of prestigious Champions Trust. She joins the few women in Zambia who have taken up the challenge of pursuing careers in aviation - a true champion for Zambia and Africa!

    Esteemed Partners

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    There are two methods in which you can apply. The first one is online application and the second one is downloading a form. With online application, you can click on the link below and fill in your details and submit. Click here for online application.

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    Download the application form and fill it in. Deposit K100 (Hundred Kwacha) for the application in the College account. See Bank details below:

    • Bank Name: ZANACO
    • Branch Name: TWIN PALM MALL
    • Account Number: 0015230300103

    After completing the application, you can scan copies in pdf format together with the deposit slip and email them to: admissions@zasti.ac.zm. Only forms with attached deposit slips and certified copies of certificates will be considered.

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